Fernández Madero Consulting (FMC) is a strategic consultancy firm focused on law firms and other professional services that operate in Latin America. FMC is associated with Hildebrandt Consulting, the prestigious international consultancy firm for law firms.
FMC offers a unique combination for its clients since it adds the local knowledge and experience of Jaime Fernández Madero with the extensive International experience brought by Hildebrandt Consulting. That allows access to the most modern trends and solutions applied in other markets, but with the ability to adapt them to the needs and conditions of the Latinamerican market.

FMC assists its clients in identifing and analysing their most important strategic challenges and to find specific and practical solutions. Also, it works in developing effective leadership capacities that allow a successful implementation of those solutions. Its advise covers all relevant areas of firm management, without loosing sight of the close interlinks between them.

Beyond the technical aspects, FMC intends to become a trusted advisor for leaders in Latin America firms, acting as an objective and experienced source for the exchange of ideas, views and solutions that are applied in our region and other jurisdictions related to the problems they are concerned about.